Friday, June 30, 2006


Enormous Echoes and Chipper Chicks

Jameson - Color Him In

Here's a nice slab of Sunset Strip folk-rock from 1967. Bobby Jameson was a local legend, known as much for his fashion sense and frequent suicide attempts as his live performances. In fact, when the TV networks came to the strip after the hippie riots, Bobby was the guy they interviewed for the evening news.

When anyone remembers him today, it is for the Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest album that was made under the name Chris Lucey. That's a good album, too, if clearly made on a tight budget.

This one, on the other hand, allowed him to pull out all the stops. It is a typical period Curt Boettcher production - good orchestrations, huge echoes on every instrument, sugary background vocals. Like a lot of other Boettcher productions, it can get a little cloying, but there's enough edge on his voice to keep things gritty.

Perhaps more than any other artist of the time, Jameson is under the spell of Arthur Lee. In fact, most of this album bounces in feel between My Flash On You and Signed DC from the first Love album. Not a bad place to come from.

If you dig sunshine pop at all, grab this one. It's not all that hard to find - you should still be able to find a copy of it for under $20. If anyone could post his second album (after his label fired him), I'd sure appreciate it.

A great album--I was planning on posting it myself but you beat me to it--I can post the Working album from 1968 (I assume that's the one you were looking for) in a week or so. Great blog.
Thanks, Max. I'll add you to my links.
Working has been posted at
Is there anyway you could post the Chris Lucey - Songs of protest and anti-protest? I'd love to here it.
That Chris Lucey is in print with a reputable label. I'm trying to avoid posting anything an artist could get royalties from. Sorry.
Would love a repost. Thanks.
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