Thursday, June 15, 2006


JC is where it's at!

Silhouette Segments - John Rydgren

This lp is made up of short radio promo segments (hence the name). Each segment is basically the same thing - unhip loungy instrumental music with a basso profundo rap about how cool the Nazz happens to be. And when yer rappin' about the Nazz, you got to have lots of reverb. Ol' Rydgren's got reverb up the Wazoo.

Sample rap: Groovin'... On a Saturday night... There's been a battle over here.... Men have hurt men.... With groovy threads.... Oil on my rifle mixed with the dead.... Someone's makin' coffee, I can smell that too. Far freakin out, man.

Special bizarro note: the guest rockstar who tells us that the kids are turning to the lord and away from dope OD'd and died about three years after this came out. Of course, five years in the Association might have made a junkie out of the most hardy of us.

Note: this is a vinyl rip, and my edits might be sloppy. If you can, burn without space between tracks.

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