Monday, June 19, 2006


Journey to the East

Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood

This is one of my favorite sitar albums, and I've got a hell of a lot of them. Unlike the lion's share of said records, this one features a guy who knows a little something about how to tune and play one. Also, he does a better job than most of incorporating the instrument into arrangements in a way that is as musical as gimmicky.

That said, this one follows the formula to a T. It leads off with the obligatory (and really cool) talk-sung drone piece. Essentially, this is the same way Gabor Szabo kicks off Jazz Raga. I'm sure it's just coincidence.

From there, there is the requisite cheesy Bacharach cover (The Look of Love), a rock number (the Byrds' Lady Friend - nice choice), and a fist full of jazz / raga fusion numbers. Other than the Look of Love, they all hit the spot for me.

This is the only record under Plummer's own name I've been able to find. He does pop up credited on a few other records I've got (including a Szabo or two), and probably uncredited on a bunch more. Too bad he didn't follow this one up, though. Nice cover, too.

Warning: this is a vinyl rip from a good, not great copy. Enjoy.

sounds very cool, can't get the rar file to open sadly.
Anyone else have that problem?
That picture was taken in my living room. For real!
I'd never heard of this guy, downloaded the album and thought it was excellent. Then by a strange cosmic coincidence two days later I'm reading a book on the making of "Let It Bleed" and it says he recorded with the Stones in late 69.

Anthony Harland

PS if you have anything else by this guy from around the same time I'd love to hear it.
Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE report the Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood album?
Forgive me if you are getting this a second time, but I was asking that you please, please, please, repost the Bill Plummer & Cosmic Brotherhood album. Thanks for your patience--I love your blog.

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