Wednesday, June 14, 2006


We're off to see the Wozard!

The Wozard of IS, by Mort Garson

This record came out in 1968. A year the world was in turmoil. People getting shot, riots over wars, Nixon, blah, blah, blah. What else to do then, but get out the Moog and make a record about a psychedelic Dorothy looking for the wizard.

Er, wozard. Get it? The wozard is! Such profundity is all over this record. The lyrics are more laugh at than laugh with, but that only adds to its primitive charm.

Nobody really knew much to do with a Moog at this point but make some weird swooping noises and farting bloops. So, needless to say, you'll get a lot of both on here.

The thing that really saves this one from execrable cheese is Suzy Jane Hokum. I read in some places that she is a pseudonym for Nancy Sinatra. Come on - listen to her voice, not even close.

This is the first one I've tried to post, please give me a comment if I did it wrong (or right).

Oh man, I LOVE this record. Great pick. Do you have Black Mass Lucifer?
Excellent post...looking forward to more!

Hey archigram I have had Black Mass Lucifer up in the past, as well as 'Electronic Hair Pieces':
Wow. Thanks, I've been looking for those.
what a great album!!!
I have been to a state fair, a rodeo and a chautauqua meeting--as the saying goes--but I never seen anything like this. How could I have suspected that I would find this in no less than two weblogs in the past few days? This comes under the heading of "best kept secrets of my childhood" category.It played on our local free-form radio station for a brief period back in '68 or '67 (and I can't even recall what year it was...) and bewitched me with its amazing combination of the L. Frank Baum classic and '60s symbolism and politics all propelled by this innovative use of the most primitve Moog (or whatever) synthesizer. Isn't it funny how you can think you're the only one in the would who ever noticed these things passing? Yes, the stunning part is how "The Blue Poppy" and "The Killing of the Witch" even raise hackles on my spine in these advanced years.
Isn't this sharesphere just great, or what?
Crazy. Suzy Jane must've been "producing" Gram Parsons & the International Submarine Band's Safe At Home LP at right around the same time.
Loved this, great! fantastic!! Has anyone got 'Electronic Hair Pieces'? I would love to hear this once again
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