Friday, July 07, 2006


The answer that makes my questions disappear

Cold Fact - Rodriguez

This is an album that I feel is both really good and awfully overrated. Awfully good in the sense that the best songs on here are mind-blowing. The album opener, Sugarman, is especially good. It sits along side some of the Superfly stuff as the most ambivalent anti-pro-drug song I've heard.

Overrated in the sense that this album has an outsized reputation as a lost folk masterpiece. I don't really think so. It lacks the variety I expect from a stone classic. It is also very of its time, especially lyrically.

It is staggering to think about the amount of good music coming out of Detroit in this period - Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, MC5, Stooges, Tempations, Funkadelic, SRC, Black Merda, etc etc. Top that, NYC!

The players on this one are some of the Detroit cats from the period, including Bob Babbitt on bass and Dennis Coffey on guitar. Keep an eye on the blog - I plan to post another album or two with these guys later in the month. Needless to say, the playing is tight and in the pocket.

Oh god, I once lived in an apartment above a guy who played this day and night, mostly at night, mostly 2am when I was trying to get to sleep.

I can still hear it playing in my head. No more, sorry Rodriguez, whoever you are!

It certainly is a historical piece.
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