Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Bad idea for record album, part 45

Erica Pomerance - You Used to Think

OK, here's an idea for an album. Let's get a woman with no musical background to speak of and put her in front of a band of free jazz / blues rock dopers, and let her improvise 45 minutes worth of music in a single studio session. Oh yeah, and let's give her a hit of acid before we start.

With those marching orders, it must be 1968, and it must be ESP records. I find this record anywhere from kind of cool to incredibly annoying, depending on my mood. The band can sometimes get a cool groove going, but the singing is often far enough out of any conventional definition of pitch, that the album can feel like a chore to get through.

I've seen this compared to some of the acid-y female folk albums of the time, stuff like Linda Perhacs or Vashti Bunyan. I tend to think of this more as a "WTF" album, maybe more like something the Shaggs might have come up with.

i love erica. no lie. i think "damaged" is the word you're searching for...
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