Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Careful with that sitar, Gabor!

Jazz Raga - Gabor Szabo

Here is the quintessential east/west album by the underrated Gabor Szabo. If you haven't heard this, download it now. Really. It's that good.

I've read in a number of places that this record is a gimmicky and dated piece, and I don't disagree with that. But a lot of great records are both of those things.

I've also read that the intonation of the sitar is a serious problem with this recording. Again, I don't necessarily disagree with this. But almost EVERY Western sitar record from the period had intonation problems. Fact is, it's a bitch to tune a sitar, and not many got it right. In most albums, I think that subtle dissonance is actually a net positive.

There's really not too much more I have to say about this one. I'll post more Szabo if people want it.

very cool, thanks.

>I'll post more Szabo if people want it

pleeeeeze do!!
OK. Probably in about a week, then.
I'd love to hear Small World, Skylark, Magical Connection, Dreams, Wind Sky & Diamonds, and/or More Sorcery. Any chance you have those? He's one of my favorite guitarists.
I've got Wind Sky and Diamonds. I'll do that next. I think I have More Sorcery, too.
Please do!
I first heard of Mr. Szabo on an LP of John The Night Tripper - Babylon; I am gonna try my G-string on a fellow named Gabor Szabo. That was back in 1969.
It would be nice if you could include a tracklist too?
i was lloking forward to downloading it, but it has now been deleted from rapidshare. alas!
Thanks for sharing but I was too late.
Can you reupload it please in the future?
Thanks a lot in advance.
BTW, great blog!!!!!!!!!!
Best regards from Italy.
Dear Friend
Could you repost Jazz Raga once again please

Thank you for the re-up!
I wanted to add that the link here is deleted. But if you search "Szabo" you come to another page with the re-up link.

Seems like a handful of Gabor Szabo gas turned up of late but the one I can't find is Bacchanal

thanks for these two--it's nice to get back to him as all my vinyl is gone or in storage
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