Saturday, July 15, 2006


Caught In Transition

Penrod - Tim Dawe

Sometimes, you hear a record, and it isn't real clear what niche the artist was trying for. Most of these records suck, and the desperation involved pushes the variety. This one, though, seems like they could pull off much of the stylistic spread they worked to achieve.

Unlike most of the Bizarre / Straight artists, Dawe didn't have any affiliation with Zappa. He didn't play in the Mothers, he wasn't produced by or guested by Frank, and there is really no Zappa in his sound.

The album is a tiny bit closer to Tim Buckley, especially in the barouque arrangements. Dawe can't match Buckley's pipes, and wisely decides not to. Like Buckley, the band is pretty competent and varied. This is a strength.

The song Frank chose to put on his label sampler is the worst one on here, which I'm sure hurt the rep of this album considerably. Too bad, its a nicely psychedelic pop album. A lot of it way heavier than I'd expected. My favorite tracks are the last on either side: Junkie John and Didn't We Love.

Posted because of the overwhelming response to the Jeff Simmons post. Apparently, people like this Bizarre / Straight stuff.


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