Friday, July 14, 2006


Detroit Rock City, pt 2

Hair and Thangs - Dennis Coffey

From this far in the future, it is difficult to see why everyone got so damn excited about Hair. Yeah, I hear some folks got nekkid, but the tunes are pretty cheesy. More musical theatre than rock and roll.

But even those crappy raw materials in the hands of a funk master makes a damn listenable record. You'll barely notice that the songs are those overplayed pieces of twaddle as the wah-wah pedals creak into action.

Coffey was a session player for Motown, and other stuff on the side. He is on a lot of your favorite records, quite likely. Including this one.

Sorry about the blip in posts. I let my Rapidshare account expire for a little bit.

Thanks for the Wolf. I know those songs, and this is good, but if you get a chance, is there a tracklist?
guess you don't want any interaction
Thing is about Hair, and a lot of that stuff which is dated, you had to be there (of course), and there was nothing else like it before.

I mean I was having screaming fights with my parents just to grow my hair another fraction of an inch, and chanting Hare Krishna? Got to be dangerous.
The link deleted.
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