Saturday, July 29, 2006


Get Yer Band Names Here

Call Me Burroughs - William S. Burroughs

Here's the first vinyl excursion for the controversial author William S. Burroughs. And it's a good one. Sure, he's reading from great books. But what really makes this album is Burroughs' voice. It's a thing of beauty - fragile, relaxed, dreamy, creaky. Obviously informed by his drug of choice.

There are at least three or four band names taken from these readings. Hell, there's even a genre that gets its name here.

I could listen to this everyday for the next month and not get tired of it. It's that good.

Mediocre vinyl rip alert.

Gee, great!

Burroughs' voice is pure ether, and the fact that you posted him is pure sandal wood. Thanks a lot.

excellent post ... I've worked through all the WB at, but his albums are infrequently posted--thanks
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