Sunday, July 16, 2006


The middle ground

Fred Weinberg - The Non-Synthetic Method of Electronic Rock

Most early electronic music records fall into one of two camps. There's the white lab coats, modern classical school, all serious and shit. Then, there's the exploito mix-the-weird-with-the-acid-rock group, who treat the oscillators and tape loops as gimmicks backed with generic go-go music. I love both of these styles. But like peanut butter and chocolate, they just don't seem to go together.

Until now! This obscurity runs a middle ground between these two worlds more successfully than any I'm aware of. Bruce Haack? Not enough hooks. Pierre Henry? Still coming from a serious place, even at most out there. Mort Garson? Too cheesy.

Give this one a try if you dig this kind of stuff.

i like this one very much, i can hear a silver apples vibe in some of this, especially in trk4...ya got some some excellent stuff here, nice one...
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