Monday, July 24, 2006


Pervert Rock

Touchy - Luie Luie

For your listening pleasure, here's a record with some rough edges. If you haven't heard of this guy, you are in for a treat. Luie Luie is a one man band in the weirdest sense of the term. And a bit of a pervert.

Almost every song on this thing is a tribute to a dance craze called the Touchy. This craze apparently only existed in poor Luie's head. The touchy apparently involved touching your partner in places that they do or don't want you touching them.

When I hear one of these outsider records, I tend to dwell on what it is that makes it different than a properly produced insider record. For this one, where do I start...

I could start with tempo. It shifts around a lot. And plods. And the accents are in weird spots.

Or the monolouges between songs. Most of them having to do with women wanting to be touched. Kind of insane and rambling.

But most weird is the way the instruments are stacked on each other. The guy can sort of play the trumpet. As long as you like that braying mariachi style. But the keyboards and drums and guitars? Well, not so much.

I like these vanity projects because they represent a single persons vision, the good and the bad. This one is more bad than good, but really entertaining.

great, first heard him in "the songs in the key of z" compilations. i love to hear that crazzzzy stuff again. Even did a small album called Rock'n Roll Boy featuring Shoobie Taylor & Louie Louie.

Thanks / Cheers
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