Sunday, July 23, 2006

Phil-LA of Soul

Boogaloo Down Broadway - The Fantastic Johnny C

The lead track on this album is one of the best goddam soul tracks ever. Really. I'll bet it's funky enough that it would get Laura Bush dancing. Thinking about this track makes me forget that the FooFuckingFighters are on the TV sucking all of the air out of the room. Great, then.

The rest of the record? Well.... Some of it's OK. Worth a couple of spins at least.

I wish the soul records from this era were more imaginative. Why the hell does every other one of these albums have a version of Stand By Me? Or Barefootin'? Hell, he even does Land of 1000 Dances.

But that Boogaloo Down Broadway kicks some serious ass.

Special credit for the album cover. It's a shot of JC standing on the smoggiest street in all creation. Maybe Times Square, maybe somewhere in Philly, I can't tell that kind of stuff. The bastards that reissued the CD messed this up with a bunch of text. Figures.

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