Sunday, July 30, 2006

To Sit On a Sandwich

Brute Force - Confections of Love

This guy was an arranger or something for Columbia Records, and somehow talked them into letting him make a solo album. The label must have been dead drunk, and almost certainly regretted their decision in the morning. Because this record is really weird.

It is sort of a comedy record, with songs about sitting on sandwiches and tapeworms of love and such. But then he'll follow this up with a nicely tender love song. Sung in between keys. With a full horn section.

This record couldn't have been cheap to make - there is a full production on every song on here. I can't imagine they made a quarter of their money back, because I know this didn't sell much.

For anybody who cares about such things, this is burned from a mono lp with a bit of surface noise. It hasn't been on CD, so it'll have to do.

I had planned to post a kick ass metal album today, and promised a couple people I would. Mea culpa, I'll have it up by mid-week. I want to listen a couple more times to have a better review for it.

Dude this album is beyond bizzare. Lol, I can't even begin to explain...

But just fantastic.
One Quick Question...

What are the actual Titles of this LP? I put down what I though they were, lol

The Easiest was "To Sit on a Sandwich" God, what AWFUL Lyrics!!! Ha Ha...
When in doubt about any older very unusual/outsider music you really should take a minute to head over to to check out archives- every weird or obscure artists has been talked atleast by some DJ at one point but most certainly by Irwin Chusid, that music is specifically his *thing* .

He once has a Brute Force interview but it's been awhile so ive forgotten the date (sorry) but it was during the golden era of Outsider Music '97-'02 before everyone hopped the bandwagon (driven by Chusid & two other guys in the US)

Check the "Incorrect Music" archives here, yes you can listen too, a really fun treat!:

He had a great interview with
tracklist for Master Shake:
1) In Jim's Garage
2) The Sad Sad World of Mothers and Fathers
3) Tierra Del Fuego
4) No Olympian Height
5) Cudd'ly
6) To Sit On a Sandwich
7) Brute's Circus Metaphor
8) Brute's Party
9) As Long As My Song Lives
10) Tapeworm of Love
11) Making Faces at Each Other
If you like this bizarre lyric stuff, try Bafflemania by the MBE. It's a new Brute Force-ish band - strange lyrics, big arrangements. I'm trying to get their permission to post, as it is still in print.
Love all your posts so far, keep up the great work!
As I understand it, he's still alive and kickig and advertising his albums in such magazines as "Cool And Strange Music".
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