Wednesday, July 19, 2006


The Velvet Underground, my ass

Hackamore Brick - One Kiss Leads to Another

I don't know why, but whenever this album gets mentioned these days, it comes with some sort of obligatory Velvet Underground comparison. I've seen them called the country-rock VU, the hippie VU, VU if they were from Santa Cruz... This is all nonsense. If the VU were country-rock or hippies, they'd be as obscure as Hackamore Brick.

If you need a VU comparison, try comparing this to the Squeeze record that Doug Yule did. Now that one sounds like a close match for the Brick. I find both to be pleasant, not ground-breaking, laid-back bar rock records.

Incredible blog! Perfect selection & clever description, thank you very much!
yeah, or moments from loaded. hackamore brick don't really strike me as "hippies" to begin with...
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