Sunday, July 02, 2006


When I paint my masterpiece, noone will notice

The Painted Word - The Television Personalities

The TVP's first came to public awareness via some jokey singles in about 1978. Part-Time Punks, I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives, etc. Cute, clever, amateurish, and designed for a shelf-life of about 20 minutes.

Surprisingly, when they got around to putting a whole album or two out, a musical sensibility started to emerge. Shambolic, yes, but pointing to a new psychedelia. One based on droning chords and skittering guitars.

They got to work on their masterpiece in 1982 or 83, depending on the source. The damn thing sat on the shelf for over a year, while they settled some label issues and backed down from the original controversial sleeve art. It finally came out in 1984, and the record label (Illuminated) celebrated by going out of business.

Unsurprisingly, this disappeared unnoticed into a world transfixed with Madonna and the Boss. It was five full years and a revamped lineup before TVP's would exist again, at least in lp format.

The world missed a record that was the best damn platter of the '80's (white pop music division). The once cheeky lyric sense turned inward, paranoid, depressed, naked. There are places on this record where the effect is like watching someone pick at a painful scab - you want to turn away, but you get compelled to keep looking.

The music backings are absolutely incredible. The rhythm section sets up drony grooves, and the guitars wash over them. Lead guitar lines pop up in eccentric spots, and jangle around like McGuinn on 5D. Lots of big echo and reverb, but not in that awful 80's production way.

I could rattle on about how much I love this record for a damn week. By that time, you could have downloaded it, burned it, and listened to it fifteen times. Why don't you get started? Tell me if you like it.

This is also one of my favourite records of all time, so dark yet strangely uplifting at the same time,just download it kiddies,but no taking H with Dan now.
yeah! i luv it! now how about their album closer to god or their best of: part time punks.
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