Saturday, August 26, 2006


Baroque Garage

Jeff Monn - Reality

There were a bunch of albums that came out in that brief '67-'68 period that sort of define a genre. Forever Changes is the biggest and probably the best. There's also Emotions by the Pretties (a little earlier, but roll with me here). Between the Buttons. Village Green. And lots of knock-offs.

The theme is garage band + full band arrangements = mature sound. I've heard these records called baroque, but that's not really accurate. Baroque period classical was all point / counter-point stuff. But what the hell, why be a pedant about the shit. It's a good and short-lived sound.

This one is not the best of the bunch by a long shot. But I do like it. Jeff Monn was the singer of the Third Bardo, a garage band with a single great song. On his first full-length he comes up with a fistful of pretty good songs, and a fair amount of filler and covers. The arrangements, by PDQ Bach, are really nice - not overbearing, and retain the snarly edge.

This is a mediocre vinyl rip from my old burner. I'd do a better one, but it was a borrowed record. I'd love to see this one get reissued right - there's a lot of inferior stuff that gets pushed back into the market. And it's damn impossible to find an original.

I only heard rumoours about this one. Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to decide if those rumours were right or wrong. Will download as soon as possible.
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