Thursday, August 31, 2006


By Request

Gabor Szabo - Gypsy ' 66

My earlier Szabo post got a lot of attention, and a couple calls for more. Here's more.

This is Szabo's first as a leader for Impulse, so first as a leader anywhere that I'm aware of. This is pretty different than the other stuff I have of his. It's way more in a straight ahead boppish vein than the quasi-Eastern modal stuff he's famous for. It does tip his hand toward the pop covers that would dot his discs from here forward, though.

I really don't have much more to say about this. I've not seen it reissued, nor does it seem to be that easy to find.

beautiful, thanks, Rapidshare have deleted the 'Jazz Raga' file. Any chance you could do it again some time?

Thanks anyway. Great stuff.
I'm not going to push that one, sorry. If someone plans to reissue it, I'll leave it down.
If you haven't grabbed it already, that Bill Plummer is a similar record to Jazz Raga.
Ta very much for this ....blimey big decisions as to wether to grab this first or Vinnie and his electric sitar !!! THANKS
Ah, god, thank you for this one. I'm a huge Gabor fan and have been able to pick up lots through blogs. I own a fair number of the vinyls, but since they've become hip with the kiddies they're not so easy to locate.
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