Saturday, August 26, 2006

Comments, Kids!

Oh, sure, you come and take the albums, but you don't even say thank you. The reason I do this is to hear the feedback from other people about the records I put up there. No feedback, no fun. So come on, click the comments button. For me.

I know what ya mean.
I used to get kind of irritated by no comments too. mainly i just wanted to know if anybody was reading and or downloading.
I really like your blog and appreciate the chance to finally hear Armand Shoenbrock (sic) and have more Lord Buckley on tap.
Thanks a ton!
thanks. My rant worked. Bitch and ye shall receive, I guess.
It's just ...I didnt wanna sound like an ungrateful shopper-like
Loved the Armand Schaubroeck ! Where's the rest? you know.
You must know that with the rare stuff you put out-that people are going to be extremely grateful,and just think:well he gets so many letters.That's What I think..but here's mine:THANX the whole bunch,and keep up the very nessecary work.Thank you from Bleeder
Fascinating selection. Haven't heard them all, but I loved the Tim Dawe and Erica Pomerance. Just looking forward to future delights - I check often to see what's new. However, you're right about the lack of commenting - I'll try harder. Thank you for the good blogging.
I am absolutelly fascinated by your selection of music. That David Ackles album is one I've come across but not heard. For that alone you are to be showered with praise. Also the Armand Schaubroeck, which always intrigued me--if not enough to purchase. It's the tip top!

Thank you.
I completely forgot ... the Brute Force album! In Chicago in the late '80s it was one of my and my smart-ass friends' favorite junk store finds. That crowd was composed of School of the Art Insititute performance art types, and included David Sedaris. I have fond memories of he and his sister Amy (later of Strangers with Candy) singing The Sad Sad World of Mothers and Fathers at a Christmas "talent" show we threw in some basement. So thanks for the memories...
Ok, Ok I'll Comment. I really enjoy and appreciate the time, effort, eclectisism and enthusiasm you put into your blog. I tried to create a blog with visions of grandeur of what I could post. I got one maybe two posts written to it. No Music. Although I haven't given up on the idea yet. I have procured a copy of Stanley Crouch - Ain't No Ambulances For No Niggahs Tonight so if I could get a chance to rip it from vinyl I will post it. Keep up the good work. I read your blog regularly.
Thanks, Darin. I hope you do get around to doing the spoken word / comedy stuff. Be sure and post in the comments here when you put some stuff up, and I'll add you to my links.
Is Coon Rapids close to Tracy or Walnut Grove?
Walnut Grove is about 125 miles from Coon Rapids. The city of Coon Rapids is a suburb of Minneapolis. The music of this region growing up, I've always thought has been farely good to me. We've had the Replacements, Husker Du, Suburbs, Prince, Soul Asylum, Suicide Commandos etc... but the good thing about music is that there is always something new to hear. And I love that fact.
Ok ok, see we're embarrassed man. This is too good to be true.

But sure, thank you very much.

Much appreciated, for sure.

From 'Downunder'.
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