Wednesday, August 30, 2006


How Could I Have Forgotten This One?

Vinnie Bell - Pop Goes the Electric Sitar

I ripped this album to put up two months ago, then forgot about it. I don't know what got into me - this is among the first couple that made me think about setting up this damn site in the first place.

Vinnie Bell was (is?) a session guitar player who dabbled in instrument design. Together with Danelectro, he put out a couple of instruments. One was the first widely available electric sitar. This record was a tie in product, clearly made to promote sales.

It is what it is - a cheesy as hell lounge pop look at some of the hits of the day. Played on electric sitar. Originals are hard to come by, so download away and give it a listen.

very cool.
I remember reading somewhere how despite the marketing of the Coral Sitar, Bell remained one of the few session players to master it and really clean up in the pseudo-psych-pop era.
One musician that has really made it his own in the last couple of decades has been Nicky Skoelitis - a frequent Bill Laswell collaborator.
Thanks for posting this!
Jerry Jones makes a pretty exact replica, and it is really fun to play, if you want to be the next master. There's been a whisper of a sitar revival in modern music, driven by some of the electronica stuff, mostly.
And let's not forget the Vinnie Bell-approved Bellzouki, which was sort of a cross between an electric twelve-string and a Greek bouzouki... or something!
any tracklist?
Could you re-upload this please? Is it as good Okko's Sitar and Electronics?
Could you re-upload? thanks!!
please, post in megaupload or badongo or turboupload...Thank you very much!! Fred_RJ
Hi, could you please please please upload this album again? Please!
Ditto! Can you please re-upload? It doesn't seem to be there anymore.
Hi, love your stuff...
I would love it even more if you could P-L-E-A-S-E re-load this very promising record!
Thanks in advance!
This can be found here:

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