Monday, August 28, 2006

"I would listen to this record a second time only if forcibly strapped to a chair"

Simon Finn - Pass the Distance

The above quote is paraphrased from about the press this one got when it came out in 1970. I guess we're all entitled to our opinion - mine is that the guy who wrote the above is a dumb-ass. He was probably looking for Sweet Baby James, instead.

In the reviewer's defense, this record is a tough listen. Our man Finn is clearly at the edge. Sometimes, the combination of the bizarre production, Tolkein lyrics, and over-the-top singing gets a little grating. But still, this record kicks the shit out of what passed for good at the time.

A lot of music from the time gets compared to Syd Barrett, and this one is no exception. In my opinion, noone ever sounded like Syd Barrett - that's why Syd was one of the best. But Simon does go in that direction with some of the better numbers here. I'd say Oar might be a better comparison, although again a superior record.

Thanks for the share - I've been curious to hear this since learning it had been championed and reissued by that other visionary David Tibet (who is a darn sight more prolific though)
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