Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In Memorium

Road of Blue - The Campus Singers

This is the other album by this early '60's Michigan-based folk duo (the other one was posted here). Again, this is a piece from its time - pure voiced, cheeky, traditionally based songs. If you go for that sound, it's a really good one.

Two years later, some producer would have taken Road of Blue, put a little reverbed electric guitar on it, maybe some harmonica, and walked away with a chart hit. Johnny Pate, who plays bass on this, did a lot of arrangements for the Impressions, so he would have been a good choice. A lot of folk-rock bands had big careers without being able to sing half as well.

Jim Brignall, the tenor singer, died 20 years ago today. He was a hell of a guy. After this record, he became involved in civil rights, the anti-war movement, and politics. He and Ted Kistler (bass singer, still with us, also a hell of a guy) used to do one-off shows up until Jim's health failed in the early-'80's.


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