Thursday, August 24, 2006


Like Gordon Lightfoot, After He Lost His Mind

David Ackles - Five and Dime

This is the last album David Ackles made. His first three Elektra records got the remaster / reissue treatment a couple years ago. This one is still waiting for rediscovery.

I'm not sure why this one doesn't get the respect the others do. I think it is every bit as good as his last two Elektras, and better than the first one.

Getting through one of Dave's records can be a bit of a chore. He can veer a little close to Billy Joel territory on some of his torch songs. But listen a little closer, and this is some dark stuff.

By this time, he's gotta know that he'll never make it. So he let's loose with some of his most bizarre stuff yet. Surf's Down and Jenna Saves, in particular, are pretty sardonic little toe-tappers. They may superficially sound like AM radio hits of the time, but they are pretty damn unhinged.

The only time I ever saw this record was the time I bought it. It can't be too plentiful. So, if you've enjoyed any of his other stuff, give this a try. If you haven't, try Subway To the Country next. It's a monster.

yet another of your great posts...
A comment! Thanks, anon.
Excellent record (though my favorite is 'American Gothic'). 'Surf's Down' kinda makes me cringe, but the rest of the record makes up for it. This one did get reissued on CD a year or two back by Raven Records in Australia - dunno if it's still in print.

Thanks for _all_ the good stuff.
Many thanks for this album. The only Ackles I don't have. Cheers.
I've just dicovered your blog and I had a delightful surprise among your posts: "Five & Dime", the only David Ackles I never could find in any record store here in Brasil, and never had a chance to know.

But, unfortunately, the link to "Five & DIme" was deleted by Rapidshare after a month of non-download activity or so.

So I hope you don't mind if l ask you a favor.

Just in case you have a way to make it avaliable again so I can download it, please do it for me. You'll make a longtime (interrupted) fan of David Ackles very thankful and satisfied.

I'll keep on visiting Palestinian Light Orchestra everyday until I see "Five & Dime" avaliable again, No matter how long it takes.

Thanks for your attention
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