Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Love In, Los Angeles Style

Kim Fowley - Love Is Alive and Well

The San Francisco groups started this flower power thing. That's pretty undisputable. They were all into grooving together, getting high, not bathing, scraggly clothes, etc, etc.

LA was never going to go for that shit. People down there are too good looking and too rich to look like that. This is a great example of how the peace and love message got twisted as it left the backwaters and went mainstream.

I particularly like the self-aggrandizing fake interviews with the groupies and Rodney. A very funny statement, that.

Tower Records at this time must have had a hell of an A & R department, as they put out some bizarre stuff right at the end. Pink Floyd, Jake Holmes, CWB, the Smoke, Scorpion.... No wonder they went out of business. Imagine a major label today putting out stuff half this weird.

There is involvement of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band on this one, including early member Michael Lloyd. If you care.

This album is maybe the shortest in my collection. 21 minutes. I paid about a dollar per minute, then. It'd be a bargain at twice the price. Let me know if you want any other OOP Fowley records - I've got a few.

Actually, L.A. was much more of a hippie capital originally. The youth culture there was more evolved and ready to embrace all the bands playing in '65-'66 at the Whiskey, Cheetah, and tons of others. San Francisco was where the more intellectual types were, coming out of the North Beach scene of the early '60s. But the longest hair was on the Long Beach and Venice surfer crowds. They were the first ones I noticed wearing patchouli oil (cuz they didn't bathe) and sporting flowers on their faces etc.

Anyway, the ramblings of an old hippie...

And thanks for the Fowley stuff!
I looooove Kim Fowley, and am very, very interested in hearing whatever you can put up (you wouldn't have "Outrageous", would you?). Not just the records Kim himself put out, but records he produced - the St. Johns Green for instance is a real mind-blower.

Your site is amazing by the way - always great stuff here, thanks.

/Monster Man
You haven't heard Outrageous? Oh, that better go up soon. So, are you asking for St. John's Green, or do you have it. That's in my stack, too.
I've got St. Johns Green, but yes, I confess - I don't have Outrageous. *blush*

I really dug this one, thanks. Nice vibe throughout. Love how the second tracks rips on "Ode To Joy".

/Monster Man
Great Post. I just posted a Kim Fowley release the other day. I ripped it from orig vinyl. come by and check it out.

Are you kiddin' me FM? I was on that like white on rice five minutes after you posted it. That's one I hadn't even heard of, let alone seen.
Do you have "Good Clean Fun" ???
if so, PLEASE POST!!!
Thank You
Can you post Day the Earth Stood Still by Kim Fowley. Thanks for the great album
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