Monday, August 21, 2006

The Makers of Smooth Music

The Human Breakdown of Absurdity

This is a compilation of mail-us-your-lyrics-and-we'll-make-them-into-a-record songs. For those of you not familiar with this genre, well, it's a genre. There are a lot of incredibly patient or weird people who sort through these things looking for diamonds. Then, they put out short-run compilations like the one we've got here.

I've seen writer's discuss this genre in two ways. First, there is the "hee, hee, aren't these people funny" angle. Then, there is the "these people are cracked geniuses" shtick. To a certain extent, these are both true. They are also both condescending as hell.

It is undeniable that many of these songs are written by nutters or morons. There are several examples on here of just crappy poetry. But you'll find that in the top 40, as well.

It is the cheapie arrangements that make me a fan of this genre. I don't know if they did it to break up the monotony of recording a crappy new song twice an hour, or if it was to try to ape the prevailing style, but there is never a straight two guitars, bass, drums set-up here. Backwards instruments, strange electronics, crazy falsetto, etc - these songs are like cheapo-symphonies. If not a wall of sound, at least one of those dividers from your cubicle at work.

The master of the genre, of course, is Rod Rogers/Rodd Keith/Rodney Eskelin. He's very obviously a big fan of soft psych and psychedelics themselves. There is a comp of the more serious end of his art called I Died Today. It's widely available, and I recommend it to anyone who likes this one.

Thanks a lot for this, I'm obsessed with this stuff, and I hadn't heard a lot of these before.

I'm presuming none of these come with any writers' credits?
Ah, ok, I just noticed, they're in the id3 tags...
Here's some more:
thanks a lot -been looking for these
amazing albums
here's another I found:
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