Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Sitar Player Is Drunk Again

Don't Blame It On Lee - Milman / Brignall Enigma

This is a giveaway single that came with the first pressing of the MBE's Bafflemania album that came out earlier this year. To my ears, they are one of the few modern bands that have the balls to go out on a limb and risk making complete fools of themselves. And by risking looking foolish, they actually pull off a rarity - an album not bound by genre or slavish devotion to their record collection.

You'll immediately hear how this single didn't make the album. The intonation and tempo are a bit, erm, dodgy. But that's part of the fun. This song sounds like a drunken blow-out at the country and eastern bar down the street.

How many bizarre features can we spot in this song? Let's list 'em:
1) The harmonies, or unisons, if you are a music snob. The lead is a basso profundo. So they decide to double the note AN OCTAVE LOWER. I'm not sure if it's tape manipulation, or real, but it's damn weird.
2) Sitar / pedal steel combination. These two instruments work surprisingly well together, as both are drone producers, and both bend up and down from true pitch. These two push and pull against the simple cowpunk melody like the bed spins.
3) Guitar solo. What else to do with a solo in a sitar country song but go all Brian Goddam Eno? Dude plays the first few bars like he's wringing pus out of an open wound. The notes are all in key, but they cut through like nothing you've heard before. Freaky deaky.

I'm curious what others think of this one. If people dig it, I'll consider posting the whole album.

From your description, it sounds fantastic. I'll let you know again after I listen to it!
thanks. I did put up the whole album above.
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