Monday, September 25, 2006


Are these guys serious?

The Godz - Contact High With....

This record is about as subtle as its title. Make no mistake, this is a heavy doper freakout album. To the max.

If you judge a record on technical skill, this one rates about a half-tick above the Shaggs, meaning it doesn't rate at all. If you've downloaded Godz 2, and think you've heard how bad a band can be, that album sounds like Yngwie Malmsteen compared to this one. Not to single one of these guys out, but man, that bass player sounds like he's playing a different song most of the time.

So why do people like this? Is it because Lester Bangs thought it was funny? Because it has some primitive untamed charm? Because it has an honesty other records don't? Probably at least all three, maybe more reasons that don't occur to me.

I'll focus on the honesty, though. I have my fair share of freakout records, and this is one of the top few. Compared to a band like Smegma, for example (not to pick on them too bad, but they are on the stereo right now), these guys really seem to mean it. This is no academic exercise. This is full-on fuck you culture war in a way that the Chicago Seven would have well understood.

This is from an original pressing. It says mono on the label, but I'll call BS on that - there is about as wide a stereo separation as you'll ever hear on this. Vocals on one side, drums on the other is a rare arrangement. There's some noise, especially on the back end. If you want pristine sound, buy the goddam CD.

I see the band is suing the label for the right to release this as part of a box set. Right on, Godz. I hope there is some live or otherwise unheard stuff kicking around. I'll bet it is hilarious - these guys were known for confrontational performances well before Iggy got his dander up.

Is this album simply too conventional in tone to elicit a comment?
haha i would've commented but i felt i was overdoing it
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