Friday, September 29, 2006


The Beginning Of a New Age


Mogollar was a Turkish rock band. If you have followed this ultra-cool scene, you may have heard them on a compilation or so. Here's their second album from about 1971 or so.

This album sounds very little like you might expect. First, it's completely instrumental. Second, that tuff fuzz-tone that marks the best Turkish rock is AWOL. All in all, there's some kinda cool stuff on the album, although some of it veers a little toward Windham Hill for my taste.

But about track 12, when the bonuses kick in, hold the bus. All of the sudden we get the vocals, the fuzz, and the rock'n'roll attitude. Hang in there until then, or hit the skip button.

There are even two specimen of the rarest of all species - the English language Turkish song. Wow - I hadn't know such a thing existed. I think, although I wouldn't swear to it, that Baris Manco sings on a couple of those bonus tracks.

My computer thinks that this album is by Damon and Naomi. It's not, I promise. Sorry for the confusion.

hi! great blog, congratulations. but it isn't the second, it's mogollar's third album from 1976. the bonus tracks are from earlier singles, so that the sound is different.
i had difficulties to unpack the files, the songs 16 to 19 seem damaged.
sorry, my fault, the files are ok. thank you again!
Thanks a lot I was lookingfor these early singles for years !!! :)
Yes, Baris Manco sang with Mogollar on this release.
The best of the best of the best of the best of the BEST!!!
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