Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Birth of Turkish Rock

Erkin Koray - The Singles Collection v. 1

Erkin Koray was the first Turkish rock star. He started playing covers of American rock and roll music in the late 50's. He was even stabbed for having long hair. Take that, you namby young American punkers.

This is a collection of his singles from the 60's leading up toward his first full length album. The albums come in and out of print in the states, and aren't all that hard to find. I don't think these singles have ever come out here, with the exception of a couple that ended up on his first lp. This collection is a CD-R put together for the geek market.

The first couple of singles are pretty corny, but that's the case with a lot of the beat era bands. By the '67 stuff, you can start to hear his style form. Searing electric saz and guitar leads, treble all day long, modal soloing. If you haven't heard any of the Turkish psych stuff, prepare to get your head blown off. If you are a fan of the style, it starts here.

Erkin is still out there rockin'. According to the picture on Wikipedia, he looks a lot like Neil Young these days, wacky eyebrows and all. He's one of the few people out there who evented his own genre. Compare him to Fela or Scratch Perry or Kraftwerk or whoever the hell you want, he's earned it.


Erkin is a standout on every Turkish psych comp I've heard. I've heard this comp was out there. Thanks for making the search easy for this geek.
Are you really in Kookaburra?
A joke that's so far inside that I'm the only one that thinks it's funny. It's a reference to the fake address on the original Pebbles LPs.
I love Erkin Koray. I've been loving Erkin Koray's "2" lately. Do you have any righteous Baris Manco? It's an Anatolian attack!
Archigram! I knew you were out there! I've got 3 Hur-El, isn't that Baris Manco? Otherwise, nope. The Erkin is courtesy of your main man Martin, but isn't most of my best stuff?
I picked up a Brainticket CD at his fine establishment the other day, and an old Vanguard records test record, just for kicks.

Baris was similar to Erkin Koray, a huge pop star, but he did some crazy sci-fi prog in the 70's, such as the concept album "2023". great stuff.
Thanks a lot.
Does vol.1 means there is a volume 2 ?
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