Sunday, September 10, 2006


Born To Be Weird

Kim Fowley - Outrageous

This is one of my personal all-time top 20. I posted it by request from a comment under the other Fowley posting. I didn't realize this is back out of print in the states, meeting our criteria for being on the blog.

The instrumental sound of this one is very Born To Be Wild-era Steppenwolf. I'm guessing that Mars Bonfire is on this one, and maybe some of the band themselves. But you didn't buy this for the musical backings.

A big chunk of this album is Kim doing what Kim does best. Talking shit in the parlance of the day. And on this day, it was purely drugs and sex. By the middle of side two, he's off into the coolest fake acid trip anyone has gotten onto vinyl.

If you are into the Stooges, Krautrock, or bizarro stuff, you'll love this. If you are into all three, this will be your new favorite album.

this is a great album. i love at the end of the first track where he says something like "now this won't make it on the radio" (i forget what he says).

I'd love to be in a world where i turned on the radio & heard some kim fowley.
Have you heard Kim Fowley's cover of "They're Coming To Take Me Away"? I hope this album is better;). He reminds me of a Runaways doc I saw, and what a creep he is. Music's generaly good, though. Thanks!
If you get a chance, watch his appearance on the Tom Snyder Tomorrow show DVD collection. It is hilariously over-the-top.
I mentioned "Outrageous" in the other Kim Fowley thread. Thanks so much for posting it - I've wanted to hear it for so long, and it certainly lives up to the hype.
Watching "Mayor of the Sunset Strip", I kept wishing the subject was Kim Fowley instead of Rodney Bingenheimer. A true freakout on legs.
Thanks for this, I lost my copy a few years ago and have been looking for a replacement since. My first exposure to Kim Fowley came at a tender age via "Snake Document Masquerade" as there were about twenty sleeveless copies on offer for 25 pence each in the bargain bin. "That title is terrible, but at that price I could try the one..." A week later we bough the rest and handed them around to friends with the zeal of fresh converts.

So of course, more Fowley please! It's hard to keep track of all he's released over the years. Thanks for the rest also, e.g. Television Personalities and Viv Stanshall!
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