Friday, September 15, 2006

By request - the drones have it

Velvet Underground - Live 1966

This is from a vinyl bootleg of the music the wayyyy early VU made for a film in January of 1966. Basically, they set up, and let rip on a single chord for an hour. Nico mumbles along here and there. You can't hear him, but Nico's son Ari shakes a tambourine.

I've seen the film, and this definitely loses something without the visual. The crappy sound quality really pulls some of the force out of the experience, too. If you are a fan of the band, do seek out this movie. It's not terribly hard to come up with - I've got a VHS copy over here at the joint.

Even with the problems with the sound quality, this is a great addition to a VU collection. It sounds like a completely different band than the other live boots and official releases from the Doug Yule years.

I plop down the freakin rosetta stone and I can't get a single comment?!? grrrrumble.
This is incredible, yessiree. I don't know what else to say, except thanks a million there tba.

Love the hum.

Thanks for this!. This is a great show from a great band.

this is godly. i hear the roots of neu! in this. rosetta stone indeed hheheheehe
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lemme try again:
a little late commenting here but here's a wonderful link nonetheless --->

many rare items reviewed and pictured for obsessive fans like myself who need everything. i thought this might be the "Hedy" soundtrack, but that is actually from 1965, so i needed this. thank you, PLO.
Would love a reup.THANKS.
reup, plkease!
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