Sunday, September 17, 2006


Drugs'll Do It To Ya, Rock, Rock, Rock

Butch Willis and the Rocks - Forthcomings

This is the first micro (private?) press strange ass non-commercial record I ever bought. At the time, I had no idea that this was its own world. I just heard a couple of these songs on the local college station, and thought they were cool.

Specifically, those songs were Drugs'll Do It To Ya and The Girl's On My Mind. Some college rock DJ thought enough of my hometown to toss these into heavy rotation for a few weeks, enough that we could get 'em on tapes. Twenty years later, I still know every word.

When I found the record again after several years away, I was overjoyed. Now, you can be, too.

Read an interview with Butch here.

I've enjoyed the upturn in comment frequency. Keep 'em coming. It keeps me interested.

Didn't post Will Shatter-era Flipper cover that 'Drugs' song?
I remember hearing it, but maybe I'm wrong.
My guess is it was a different song. I think he'd OD'd by the time this came out in '86.
Any chance that the Butch Willis lp could be put up again?

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