Friday, September 22, 2006

The Ernest and Julio Gallo Horn Section

Peggy Scott and JoJo Benson - Soulshake

I love this period of soul music. It's really the end of southern soul. Within a year or two of this record coming out, soul went all Philly, or else got funkadelicized. But for a while, there were some really adventurous post-Otis soul records coming out of the south.

This one is more Otis than most. Specifically, these are about all rewrites of Tramp by Otis and Carla. And they do a creditable job of hitting both of their styles pretty hard.

But it wasn't the voices that made me buy this right off the turntable at the store where I first heard it. This record has some of the flat-out dopest backing tracks of any soul record I own. First off, lots of the tracks feature electric sitar as the lead instrument. This is cool, an underused gimmick in soul (and don't talk to me about the frickin Box Tops, because I don't wanna hear it)

Better yet, there is a nice sloppy in the pocket groove to the rhythm section and the horns. Unlike a Stax or Muscle Shoals session, these guys are loooooose. I've never really heard a loose horn section before. It's a cool effect. I like to think that it was late and night, and there was a little drinkin goin on. But maybe they were just underrehearsed. Anyway, the horns sell this one for me.

If you like this, there is a good SSS label comp that came out about a year ago. Lots of other treasures on that one.

Godz tomorrow.

Hi I like this album a great deal too. I think it was out on cd for a short while. Most soulfans I've blayed it to don't seem to like it, to loose, to untamed and I've never read a line about it. When I just to go to record fairs some years ago I tried to sell my duplicate several times without success. It has always puzzled me why this album has so few fans. Btw is there any chance that you'll post N Y Eye and ear control
I can't find eye and ear control. I may have sold in last time I moved.
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