Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Freaky, dude

Indian War Whoop - The Holy Modal Rounders

These guys are actually both still alive nearly 40 years later. This is a shocker, as they were clearly using some pretty heavy shit back then.

The two album sides are presented as single tracks, for your approval. This is because they run together. Sometimes coherent songs emerge, sometimes they don't. Sometimes the chair gets up and walks across the room. The lamp is talking to me in gibberish, but I pretend I can't hear it. Wmeslbsblerg.

As you would expect, after an album like this, the Rounders were picked up by a much bigger label (Elektra - not quite a major yet, but they had the Doors). They spent their advance money on hard dope and made an even better record.


a fantastic album-- it may be my favorite holy modal rounders release. this and "the moray eels eat..." are the acme of the rounders' work.
Wow. thanks so much for posting this. Do you have any out-of-print Michael Hurley?
No Michael Hurley, sorry. http://grown-so-ugly.blogspot.com/ has some stuff posted, though.
Hi there,
Great site mate !!! I always thought Lester Bangs was a complete knob ....sorry...!
thanks, nice blog
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