Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Genius or incoherent noise?

Cromagnon - Orgasm

Cromagnon was a weirdo duo of bubblegum songwriters from Connecticut who decided to get their rocks off on an ESP-disk. A good idea, really. If your day job gets you down....

Some of the tracks get into some really neat psychedelia, predicting some of the more out moments of the '80's (say the demented Butthole Surfers of Locust Abortion Technician). Some are a little more tedious and hard to get to. My feeling about which tracks are which can shift from listen to listen, which I take as a good thing.

This is a Nurse With Wound list item, so you trainspotters, spot away. Why this was chosen among all the weird stuff on the label (along with the damn unlistenable Milford Graves Percussion Ensemble) is a bit of a mystery to me. What of the mighty Godz? Ed (Who) Askew? Patty Waters? Noah Howard? Go back and rectify this, Stapleton.

Again, by request. Keep those comments coming.

it is completely worth it for 'caledonia'
Thanks for putting this one out there. Rumours abound that the "Conneticut Tribe" that guests on htis are a pre-eyeball and top hats Residents. Can anyone confirm this for me?

You've posted a lot of weird stuff here (obviously), but this has got to be the weirdest yet IMHO. It's like somebody wanted to get 4-F'd or something & had to prove they were crazy via recorded evidence. And those sounds! We've got people screaming, flicking around on the radio, sirens, static...just nuts. Thanks a million, freedom from the man!
Monster Man - try that Bafflemania record. It's also pretty out there weird.

I took your advice and downloaded The MBE. Great stuff! I esp. liked "Arcade Love Machine" and "Mighty Mouth". Really nice production too - how many tracks were you guys using, if I may ask? I always run out before I'm done putting down the weird, personally. Anyways, thanks again. May you never run out of crazy records to post!
24 tracks. The board at the studio we used had some back story, maybe from Electric Lady? Something like that.
Coud you re-post it again?
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