Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hang on!

Hold on, friends. I'll have some new stuff up next week. For now, having time crunch and problems with CD recorder. I'll solve over the weekend.

While you are here, please do me a favor friends. If you have a rare record blog, please add me as a link. Leave a comment, and I'll do the same. If you visit, collect, etc, start one of these. It's free, fun, and gives back to your friends.

I saw Polyphonic Spree again last night. They are really good - far better than the glossy mags give them credit for. They are one of the only modern bands that can hold my attention for an hour or more. Catchy songs, good shtick, sexy chicks, lots to like here. They are nice people and very sincere, so help 'em out and buy their new ep.

You've convinced me to do it too!
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