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Home of Punk Rock - Oklahoma?

Debris' - Static Disposal

Like Armand Schaubroeck, this is one of those records that defined the punk rock sound years before the Sex Pickles et al. took it to the bank. There are three records I recommend that you get if you think the English safety pin kids invented this sound.

1) Neu '75. Hero is the Sex Pistols.
2) Peter Hammill's Nadir's Big Chance. Kind of a stepping stone from Prog and Glam to punk. You know Johnny Rotten had this one. (note: I'll post this, if people want it)
3) The Debris. You'll understand when you listen. This one may more predict the later, more hardcore punk.

There's lots of others. The Heartbreakers, Simply Saucer, Chrome, ahh, I've been through this before.

The twist on this record, other than the sheer in-your-face unlistenability, is the liberal use of electronic effects. By the time this sound had a name and an image, electronics were mostly taboo. Unless you were French.

This is another one of those Nurse With Wound list items, for those of you who keep score. This is from a now out-of-print reissue CD with lots of bonus stuff. Try to find a copy before they are all permanently snapped up.

love debris...

yes, please post the hammill!
if you are into early british punk, i will gladly upload a few other gems (crushed butler, the deviants, pink fairies) just let me know
I've got the Deviants and Faries stuff. I've not heard the Crushed Butler, though.
alright well i just started the upload i will post the link later tonight

Crushed Butler-Uncrushed (1971)
Thanks a lot for this one. I have tried to finda copy of the CD without any success so it was great to finally hear it. For once, it lived up to the hype. Third World War and Stackwaddy might be interesting if you're into Crushed Butler. I am really curious abou the Peter Hammill disc and would love to hear the other you mentioned
I'll add Pete Hammill to the queue. Probably about Friday or so.
I just discovered your blog last week and wanted to say thanks for all the great music!Any chance you could re-up the Debris CD?
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