Thursday, September 14, 2006


I know you are gay because...

Jobriath - S/T + Creatures of the Night

In the 40-Year-Old Virgin, two of the supporting characters have this dumb little verison of the dozens where they banter back and forth with insults that start with "I know you are gay, because..." Ending that sentence with " own both Jobriath records" would probably be about as complete a victory as possible in that game.

I can say without threat to my masculinity that I own and enjoy both Jobriath records. They are pretty standard glam rock, more on the Broadway end than most. The songs are catchy enough to stay in your head for a while, like this kind of music should. I'm especially prone to getting stuck on Space Clown and Scumbag for hours and hours.

If you thought that Scissor Sisters had an original sound and shtick, sorry to burst your bubble.

A CD comp came out a couple years ago, but the two original albums contain a bunch of stuff that didn't make the CD. Like it or lump it. This is probably it for the glam for a while, at least until I buy some more records. We're going to go back to the weird stuff now.

-then I am DOUBLE Gay
because i own two copies of each
love your blog dear
I'm only half gay 'cause all I have is a beat up copy of the first LP. I bought it after seeing him on TV wearing an outfit that looked like it was made outta vaccum cleaner tubes.
Damn, I've turned Gay, as I've just downloaded the damn thing.
Any idea where I can get a woman round here?
Do You have PIDGEON ?
The late sixties group featuring Jobriath
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