Monday, September 25, 2006

I think I messed something up here. Let's get rid of this redundant post. Instead, more requests for ESP-disks might go here.

not esp-disk, but i would love
bruce langhorne-the hired hand
crazy people-bedlam
thank you so much and keep up the good work!
A swing and a miss! Two strikes against me. Care to try for a third.
red krayola-coconut hotel?
That I have. I'll upload on Weds, unless I get a chance sooner. If it isn't up by Weds afternoon, bug me again.
haha thank you man
also one last one i have been looking for
michael yonkers band-microminiature love
i've never heard 'alien' by the godz, and i bet it's one to have for the sake of things. but it may take another week to get something like that on the boards...
Alien was so bad I didn't keep it. So, no luck there. I do have the Yonkers one. That's a used bin regular here in the land of SubPop. Must have been a lot of people buying that not knowing what they were getting into.

There's the Red Krayola link.
thank you man
why not try godzundheit again?
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