Wednesday, September 20, 2006

If you dug it, it's a nugget

Crushed Butler - Uncrushed

I wanted to make sure that this one didn't get away from us at the PLO. This mini-lp was donated by loyal reader "anonymous," a reader who far and away dominates our meagre comment lists.

This record reminds me quite a bit of the Deviants and Edgar Broughton, if not as lysergic as either. Pretty straight forward, aggressive, pre-punky. These are demos, so don't think you'll get good sound quality, but who the hell cares about that.

The guy in the band went ahead and formed Hammersmith Gorillas after this. They were a third-string glam band that pops up on all those junkshop glam comps. Good stuff, too.

Take a bow, Anonymous.

I'd often see Crushed Butler bottom billed on free fest posters and wonder who they were. I didn't know about the Hammersmith Gorillas connection unitl last years Jesse Hector Story comp. Love Is All Around and Factory Grime are fuckin' monsters. Thannks for spreading the word on this one tba and annonymous!
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