Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In appreciation: Dead Moon

I just got the new 2CD Dead Moon comp yesterday. Two discs, about 50 tracks, no crap.

If you aren't familiar with Dead Moon, they are a three-piece rock band from Portland. Fred Cole, the singer, has been in many bands since the late '60's. He even had a minor chart hit with "You Must Be a Witch" by the Lollipop Shoppe in about '68. They became Dead Moon when he taught his wife to play bass about 20 years ago.

Most current punk bands, especially on the West Coast, are a combination of different levels of the following ingredients: the Dolls, the Stooges, the Ramones, X, the Cramps, the Clash, and the Sex Pistols. Almost all of them suck. Complete wastes of time.

When Fred, Toody and Andrew hit the boards, it's always 1966. Not in a crap we-got-some-pudding-bowl-haircuts-and-Voxx-amps sort of way, but because it's no frills damaged garage punk rock. And because it's the goddam right thing to do.

Sad state that it takes a couple of grandparents to teach us how to rock, but I'm glad they are out there still doing it. Now go buy that CD.

I'll have a share post this afternoon.

i agree completely about dead moon. i got the subpop comp too and was completely blown away! waiting to check out the static disposal & simply saucer posts of yrs.....
oh, & i dug the mbe stuff, sounds great, fun songs, solid playing. nice!
- alex / apothecary hymns
big up for the dead moon. I haven't picked this comp. up yet, but i definitely will. I have 2 of their lps and a LOT of singles - I lived in PDX for 8 of my formative years (88-96) and feel damn lucky about it. Saw Dead Moon on pretty much a quarterly basis at good old Satyricon. A great night was always had (except for that time I had to resuscitate a junkie in the toilets. Oh christ. the toilets in that place ... bad memory). I hear that the band is still going strong - I hope to catch if they tour in the UK in the near future.
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