Monday, September 11, 2006


It's OK, They're Doctors

Doctors of Madness - Figments of Emancipation

This album represents about the end of the road for glam rock. It ends right where it is supposed to - sort of a pre-punk snottiness. If you take away the violin, tighten up the songs, and maybe dumb down the riffs a notch, you're pretty well there.

But the violin is still there, innit? This record sounds to me a lot like the Cockney Rebel stuff (if you don't have their first two, you really should). Violin-based and dark as hell. The big difference being that Steve Harley from CR is kind of a ponce, and Kid Strange isn't so much. Minor difference, though.

I'm thinking about adding a couple more glam ones before moving on. Your comments will convince me whether I should.

re Doctors of Madness - inspired choice! @Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms' (the follow up album) is even better...more glam please!!!
Doctors of Madness!!
Top FIVE!!!!
Fathers of the Auteurs,Bobby Conn and the Bleeder Group!!

More Glam Please!!

More glam it is!
Thanks for the comments, by the way. I hate to beg, but it works so well....
wow!! this shreds flawlessly, it's really really excellent. thank you!

joey b
A real great band that is so overlooked! Buy all the albums if you don't have them because they are worth having.

Glam is good!
(skyhooks, hint hint)

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