Sunday, September 10, 2006


Laugh Along With Mental Illness!

Napoleon XIV - The Second Coming

Napoleon XIV was Jerry Samuels, a DJ who liked to play with his varispeed, a good quality in the eyes of your humble reporter. He had a surprise hit with a novelty song about going wacky.

In the style of labels of the time, they hired a songwriter to write a bunch of songs in the style of the hit. Well, they kind of missed it. Most of them are jokes about mental illness, but none of them are all that funny. The hit is the shit, the rest is mostly shite.

But there is one more track that redeems the hell out of this thing. The Explorer, track 2, is a Firesign Theatre-style sound effect piece about masturbation. It just might be better than the song you know. Dig it, while you still have ears to listen.

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