Friday, September 22, 2006


Does anyone know much about that Rapidshare bonus points? Can I use them to renew my member ship or anything? Please help, if you can.

Also, I've been finding a lot of good new blogs this week. Including the following: (the Boris / Sunn O))) collaboration!!) (dig that Missing Links comp - I love that band) (The Third Eye, oh yeah) (That Andy Votel comp has been on heavy rotation at my house since spring. Really good) (if you don't have Music to Eat, what the hell is wrong with you. Get it now.)

Anyway, welcome to the club, fellers. Now add me to your links, will ya?


Thanks for the Pharoah Sanders post dude!!!
Thanks for the recommendation on Music to Eat. Best new/old thing I've heard recently.
Would you have an ESP Disk by All That The Name Implies??? I think it was released in '68
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