Saturday, September 09, 2006


A Record For the Little People

We Are Ever So Clean - Blossom Toes

For a period of time around '67, every damn album out of England (except for the Stones, who could give a shit) was a series of ballads for the forgotten little people. The Eleanor Rigby's and the Well Respected Men. I find this very irritating and contrived most of the time - "Songs of the Common Man By Big Rock Stars!". I'm glad it was a passing phase.

This album came out in that era, and is sort of marred by this flaw. Otherwise, it kicks ass. Nice light psychedelic production touches. Good harmony singing. Catchy choruses.

A couple years later, these guys came out with a second album with a nice Cap'n Beefheart / Edgar Broughton Band weird blues feel. Definitely worth seeking out, though you'd never guess it was the same band.

I wouldn't say the Stones didn't give a shit at all. After all, they did record "Salt of the Earth" -- even if it was just 4 or 5 years too late to jump on the bandwagon.

Thanks for the great share!
Ahhh, it's inactive...
any chance of reupload?
just found this blog.Would love to have a repost on this.I've missed such great stuff.I'll leave repost messages on a few old ones.I'm sure alot of folks missed out on past posts.GREAT BLOG. THANKS FOR SHARING.
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