Friday, September 01, 2006


Shameless Self-Promotion

The MBE - Bafflemania

This is a CD that came out earlier this year, that I play on and helped with production of. These cats is crazy, no doubt. This is easily the most overproduced private press album of all time. Not in some pro-tools digitized way, but in a spend weeks in a real studio recording massive overdubs of bizarrely treated instruments way.

Dig a few details:
1) Mighty Mouth at one point is backward cymbal, acoustic sitar, 12-acoustic, guy singing through a slinky
2) How's Your Fuzzy Box breaks into backwards drums, backwards sitar, AM radio, and cowbell though tape echo.
3) I Woke Up Dead is a duet for banjo and sitar. Each starts in one speaker and drifts to the other, changing sides on every note
You'll find other sonic details like this if you pay attention. One of my big beefs with modern record production is that cool little details don't make it into records anymore.

Anyway, please let me know what you think of this. Anyone who wants a copy can give me some contact info, and I'll get you one for shipping plus a coupla bucks.

More people wanted this than a rare Dead album?!? Any comments on it?
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