Friday, September 22, 2006


Sounds tribal.

The Godz - Godz 2

Are you ready? Because here is the dang holy grail. For your Friday night pleasure. I hope some of you are tore up enough to dig it.

This here lp is the opposite of the usual career path. Most bands, at least in the mid-60's, do a first album with a hit and a bunch of covers and filler. Then, the second album gets all arty-farty. They get dropped by the label, blah, blah.

Not the Godz. They started so far frickin out that they had to come back to earth to find some song structure. When they did? hooo-boy.

Dig Radar Eyes, if you will. One chord plus a sneaky second. If they gave an Oscar for Best Use of Tremolo in a Supporting Role, this would own it. A song so good, they rip it off twice before the album is over.

Dig their cover of a beatle song, if you will. The beatles, fer godz sake. Since none of them could actually *play* it, they just do it acapella. Which makes it 10000% better.

There is something about not being able to play a trap set straight forward that gives a band a special something. The VU had it, and everyone who tries to cop them misses it. The Godz had it, too. And they go a step further by miking the kit like a jazz player, giving it a room vibe that is usually not on a rock record. Gee-zis, that sounds nice.

I gotta say, though, I found a site doing some, er, research for this post that had a picture of the Godz as they is now. Take it down this instant! Please don't wreck the beautiful mystery of these three perfect records by showing me that they look like normal 60 year olds now.

I want some damn comments. Especially from you who haven't heard this yet. I'd love to know that this record hit someone else as hard as it hit me. Then tell me if you want more of these.

And, of course, other ESP bands you are interested in. I think that we're about to spend a few weeks on a serious ESP retrospective. Thank godz I got that glam shite out of my system.

you are the man
and also yes, if you have the first and the third, please post!
I´m from Argentina, I just discover this blog and it´s by far one of the best.I think i love almost all the ESP you have some holy modal rounders?
OoOOOoOh man ! i've been waiting to hear this stuff for SOOO long, thanx a bunch!!!! Other ESP records i'd like to hear :
The Fugs (everything), "More Guiseppi Logan", and every record with Milford Graves on it...
Thanx again, you made my day !!
Grtz from France
Love those Godz LP's and most everything from ESP. One band I never quite got was Pearls Before Swine, but I'm curious enough to give 'em another chance. Lemme know if you need a copy of Ed Askew's Ask The Unicorn or his unreleased second LP.
for me it's fascinating to see how such a crappy record could easily reach my top 3 all-time-fave (the first is nearly as good, the third is sadly not worth mentioning) // Patty Waters, first/second Fugs would be appreciated...thanks.
Well, hey there. I do appreciate some of the stuff that you're posting, but GODZ is completely lost on me. Not that I would expect anything less from an ESP release, but this didn't do a thing for me except prompt me to dump it from my library.

Thanks for sharing nonetheless.
Seems that anyone who remotely has an idea for a 'song' and has some sort of funding is given the chance to record a lp. I can't get into this crap (sorry to say to the people who liked this). I honestly gave the whole thing a chance. My days of 'sid' are long past and I may had given it a better listen to back then, but gee, no wonder they didn't become popular. Crappy is not quite what I'd call this.
i remember the first time i heard the first two albums by the godz. brought tears to my radarscope. twisted shit. would have loved to jam with these guys, i who can barely keep time on a drum kit myself. their third album is as much of a revelation as their second.
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