Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Such a tame disc

Pharoah Sanders Quintet (Pharoah's First)

This here disc is Pharoah's first date as a leader, and the third issue by the gargantuan ESP-disk label. I love all things ESP, but looking through the blog, I haven't really posted many of them. I'll have to start rectifying that.

For those of you who know Pharoah from his work with Coltrane and beyond, this might seem like a bit of a surprise. It's surprisingly straight bop in a lot of ways. There's a piano, for gosh sakes. And a walking bass. And quick chord changes.

But then Pharoah blasts in with that tone, and you know this is no Dexter Gordon lp (nothing wrong with Dexter, by the way, just a comparison). In about six months after this was cut, he was in outer space with the expanded Coltrane group. Here, he's counting down to blastoff.

Maybe one of you collector nuts can help me with this. Every other reference to this record I've seen has the cover on the CD reissue - black and white swirly pattern. Mine has a kick-ass Jay Dillon (from the Godz - coming soon) pen drawing of a psychedelicized woman figure. Why did I luck out with the great cover? Is this a bootleg issue (common w/ ESP, even on CD)? An original (if so, why change to a crappy cover)?

you have no idea how much you posting the godz will mean to me.
also, if you by any chance happen to have orgasm by cromagnon i would love that as well

keep up the good work man this is easily one of the better blogs on the circuit right now.
Thanks, rocker. Which Godz album are you looking for?
honestly, either one of the first would be great. both would be amazing. also,if you are interested, i just found cromagnon's orgasm through my school's filesharing program so if you want that i will upload
I found this to be a pretty enjoyable 'LP'. You're right, it's quite tame, but you can only (unfairly) hold that against it in retrospect, as AMG seems to do.

It is what it is, and Pharaoh had to come from somewhere, so it's nice to hear where that somewhere is--and it's not like he never visited this territory again...

Thanks for posting.
Did AMG say that, too? Wow, mediocre reviewers think alike, I guess. I don't think that Pharoah is tame, so much as tethered down by a boppish rhythm section. Put him with Alice Coltrane and Rashied Ali, and watch him grow.
Well, that was AMG's take (they even cited Dexter Gordon), but they come down on the rhythm section (and whatsisname foster the trumpeter) for being too conservative. Whatever. It's a nice record. Maybe that's damning as well.

Speaking of Alice, you wouldn't happen to know where a fella could find any of those private-press tapes she cut in the 80s would you?
Maybe Dex was in my subconscious after a quick trip to AMG to get track titles? Jeez, I try to not pinch anyone elses stuff like that.
I didn't even know Alice had private press tapes in the '80's. Man, that decade sucked. Johnny Cougar sells 20 million records, Alice Coltrane sells tapes out of her trunk.
Apparently the tapes were devotional music--I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of the "Rama Krsna Nama Sankirtana" LP, but with even more chanting. But I don't know of anyone who's ever seen them, let alone heard them.
sadly, it is no longer there. "removed because of inactivity", says rapidshare.
Hello PLO,

Could this be re-upped? Thank you!

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I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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