Sunday, September 24, 2006



Seventh Sons - Raga (4 am at Frank's)

According to the liner notes, this album was recorded live at a loft show in 1964. This three piece, augmented with a flute, rips through a single song for 32 minutes. Other than some wordless stuff, there is no singing. Just rhythmic modal jamming.

Except that there is no damn way this was done in 1964. First of all, according to other sites that talk about Buzzy Linhart's career, they didn't even get together until 1965 or 1966. Second, there was no ESP-disk to record it until the end of that year. I think it is more likely that it was recorded in about 1966, when they reportedly were doing similar styles backing up Fred Neil in live performances. This is a big deal, because this recording is groundbreaking in 1964, and one of many a couple years later.

Either way, it's a bit of a yawnfest. It is much more listenable as album sides.

If anyone has Buzzy's first solo album ('buzzy'), I'd love to hear it, hint, hint.

Heh! I don't care if this is from 64 or 94, I'm at the first 5 min. into it, and this is remarkable, also with a very contemporary 'feel' to it... sort of a "Philip Glass for the masses" kind' a thing.
Any chance of some re-up? One man's yawn is another man's tarn... or barn... or lawn...or as the Band said: Raga, mama, raga. Thanks.
aaaah missed this one
Could you repost it again please
Coud you re-up this again?
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