Friday, October 20, 2006

If There's Something Here You'd Like To Keep, You'd Better Grab It Fast

My Rapidshare account must have expired as they made the change to their new server. It looks like I'll never be able to access my old account again, meaning that my links will all disappear in a couple of weeks. Grab 'em now, rockers, they'll not be here long.

Ijust discovered you today,it's a pitty.I'do my best....
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Instructions for premium users to join the new RS site.

Go to your RS.DE premium account.
Theres the date mentioned when your account will expire.
Between brackets there's a number. Copy/write down that number.

Go to RS.COM.
Click below on the page join premium.
On the next page there's a banner RS.DE users join. Click.
You get a page where you have to fill in that RS.DE number.

That's all you have to do.
Your info/links on the old RS.DE stays there.
Just did it, worked perfect.

Hope this helps.

All credit for this goes to JeanD.
hi i'm marcus
thanx for this fantastic blog!thanx for godz,cromagnon,coltrane and...
...and i have a little problem with holy modal rounder.rar; when i try to open it it says that it's a corrupt file;i've tried to use the rar's repair function it,but it didn't work. i rename it but it didn't work too.
could you help me?
Hi, great albums on your site, could you reupl J.SIMMONS-Lucille..?..a few albums I`ve uploaded today if you or anyone interested, no password, take care and enjoy, Y.A.G.
BIT`A SWEET-Hypnotic 1 (front cvr.incl.) A
FEDERAL DUCK-same (front cvr.incl.)
OLYMPIC-Ptak Rosomak (front/back cvr.incl)
DAMON-Gypsy Eyes (someone requested I think, front incl.)
GLITTERHOUSE-Color Blind (front cvr.incl.)
FLAMENGO-Kure v hodinkach (front cvr.incl.)

A request for the first two album of Holy Modal Rounders, if you have, might you post these?

Thanks for your patience

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